Escape the Desert: Memorable Road Trips from Palm Springs

By Isla Coventry, Posted on 19 Sep, 2023 at 07:53 am

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Escape the Desert: Memorable Road Trips from Palm Springs

Hit the Road from Palm Springs

While Palm Springs offers an abundance of attractions, sometimes it's nice to hit the open road and explore the surrounding beauty of Southern California. Fortunately, this desert oasis is a perfect starting point for some unforgettable road trips.


Journey to Joshua Tree National Park

A road trip to Joshua Tree National Park is a must for nature enthusiasts. Located just an hour's drive from Palm Springs, this otherworldly park is known for its unique rock formations and the iconic Joshua trees that dot the landscape. Spend the day hiking, rock climbing, or stargazing in this enchanting desert wilderness.


Discover the Salton Sea

If you're intrigued by the unusual, take a day trip to the Salton Sea. This vast, saline lake is located about an hour and a half southeast of Palm Springs. Despite its eerie and desolate appearance, the Salton Sea is a fascinating place to explore. Witness the remnants of a bygone era, with abandoned structures and quirky roadside attractions.


Escape to Idyllwild

Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains, Idyllwild is a charming mountain town that's just a scenic drive away from Palm Springs. This alpine paradise offers hiking trails, boutique shops, and a tranquil escape from the desert heat. Don't forget to try the local cuisine and explore the art scene while you're there.


Wine Tasting in Temecula

If you have a passion for wine, consider a road trip to Temecula, a renowned wine region less than two hours from Palm Springs. Explore the area's vineyards and wineries, savoring tastings of award-winning wines. It's a perfect getaway for wine aficionados and those looking to relax in a picturesque setting.


Salvation Mountain and Slab City

For a truly unique experience, head to Salvation Mountain and Slab City, located about an hour and a half from Palm Springs. Salvation Mountain is a vibrant, hand-painted hillside created by artist Leonard Knight. Nearby, Slab City is an off-the-grid community known for its eccentric residents and art installations.

These road trips offer a chance to explore the diverse landscapes and hidden gems near Palm Springs. Whether you're in the mood for natural beauty, quirky attractions, or a sip of wine country, you'll find it all just a short drive away.

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